Living the mission

Breakthrough Reach is the outreach program of Breakthrough Ministries.  It is through the compassion of Jesus that we are led to reach the lost wherever we may find them, regardless of where they might be.  As led by the Holy Spirit, we go on mission and search for people of peace who feel hopeless in their circumstances, and have nobody to turn to for help.

We encourage you to consider the significance of this urgent mission.

We conduct reach missions every week of the year.

Issue focus:

  • Homeless, addicts, prostitutes, sex trafficking, cults, all those who have no one to help them.

Culture Group focus:

  • Somalis, Latinos, Natives, Caucasian, African, rich and poor, all those in need of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Breakthrough Reach seeks to engage the body of Christ in the mission of the Great Commission.  It is our desire to not only reach the lost ourselves, but also to partner with other individuals and groups.  Our goal is to equip, encourage, and give opportunity to be a blessing in the community, by seeking out and training Ambassadors for Christ who are prepared and fulfilling their purpose.