Do you feel called to launch your own ministry? 

Are you running a ministry that could use help?

Yikes!  According to Forbes, 90% of all start-ups fail.  According to the statistics, only 4% make it to year two and the majority of them (over half) are struggling to survive and are on the verge of failure. 

The leading causes of failure:

  1. Incompetence
  2. Lack of managerial experience
  3. Funding

We have spent nearly a decade developing a system of operational excellence and offer our executive services to those who have a ministry calling.  Whether you are called to start a ministry or you are currently running an organization – we can help.

We offer:

  • Accounting Services
  • Contact, Volunteer, and Donor Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Marketing and Communication Services
  • Financial and Development Services
  • Leadership Development Services

Service fees are based upon the revenue generated, thus there are generally no up-front costs unless otherwise noted.

Executive Services:

1.  Ministry start-up services under our umbrella for:

a.  Programs
b.  Wholly Owned Subsidiaries

2.  Existing 501c3 organizations:

a.  Consulting Services
b.  Management Services

To arrange a meeting to discuss our services either: