Our Staff


David J. Engman – Founding Pastor, President & CEO, Breakthrough Ministries
Contact: david@breakthroughmn.org

Pastor David Engman is married to Christine and together they have four children, one son-in-law and five grandchildren.  They live in Lakeville, MN.  Christine is on staff as the Coordinator of Kingdom Expansion at Hosanna Lutheran in Lakeville where she coordinates as well as manages national and international missions.  In 2006, David left a career in business to pursue a call into full-time ministry. He since completed “The Potter’s Wheel” two year study course through Hosanna! Lutheran as well as two year Leadership Development course through Bethel’s Global Legacy program.  David was Ordained in 2012 and is the founder of Breakthrough Ministries as well as the President & CEO of the organization.


Jim Rottinger – Pastor, COO, Breakthrough Ministries
Contact: jim@breakthroughmn.org

Jim Rottinger brings many years of corporate experience and expertise to the Breakthrough team, having been employed previously as a controller in the marketplace. Jim has been married to Shevaun for 19 years and they have been blessed to serve in ministry together at Breakthrough.


Shevaun Rottinger – Administrative Assistant to Pastor David Engman
Contact: shevaunr@breakthroughmn.org

Shevaun brings many years of varied experience from the secular business world to the Breakthrough team; having been employed in the accounting world for 16 years, and then explored a second career in graphic design for 12 years. Shevaun has a high standard for customer service and enjoys serving at Breakthrough St. Paul on Sundays. She and Jim have a “fur baby” at home named Smokey, who keeps them entertained when they are not in the office.


Pam Lanhart – Director, Thrive! Family Support
Contact: Pam@thrivefamilysupport.org
Website:  www.thrivefamilysupport.org

Pam Lanhart joined the Breakthrough Ministries team in October of 2016.  Having been touched by the difficulties of substance abuse in her own family, she has developed a passion for helping parents, spouses and siblings navigate the difficult labyrinth of dealing with a family member who is struggling with substance use or mental health disorders.  Pam brings her personal experiences to the Thrive! Program as an adult child of an alcoholic, a sibling of a family member in recovery and the parent of children who have struggled with both substance use and mental health disorders.  She is gifted in crisis management, connecting families to appropriate resources and provides a compassionate, understanding approach to those going through some of the most extreme difficulties in their lives.  She is a certified peer specialist, a recovery coach, a speaker and an author.  She also inspires thousands of people with her daily prayers for loved ones that struggle on her Facebook page, Praying Our Loved Ones Home.  Pam has been married to her husband Paul, Program Director of Wild Hearts Adventures, for 36 years.  She is the mother of 4 amazing children and the grandmother of  8.


Pastor Paul Lanhart – Director, Wild Hearts Adventures
Contact: paul@wildheartsadventures.org 
Website: www.wildheartsadventures.org

Paul joined the Breakthrough team because of his longing to reach out to those who have struggled with substance abuse and other destructive life choices to help them rebuild relationships with their families and with God. His desire to do this through wilderness experiences comes from a life-long love of the outdoors nurtured by his parents’ many family camping and canoeing trips. He now shares this passion with his wife of 36 years, Pam and his four children, Diana, Andy, Jake and Nikki. He also is blessed with seven grandchildren that he can share the beauty of God’s creation with! The Wild Hearts program works in sync with Breakthrough’s Thrive Family Support program, working together to help bring love, hope and restoration to difficult family situations. Paul is an experienced outdoorsman and has led numerous trips to the Rocky Mountains, the BWCA, the Appalachian Trail and many of our state parks and forests. Along with wilderness adventures, he loves kayaking, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, CrossFit workouts and watching movies. 


Pastors’ George Marin aka “Pastor G” and Jill Marin aka “PJ”

Together, they Pastor an interdenominational Christian church called Grace Christian Church in Albert Lea, Minnesota. This dynamic duo preaches on the fourth Sunday of every month at the Breakthrough Saint Paul campus and soon will have an office in the Breakthrough Equipping Center located in downtown Minneapolis. Their thriving international ministry reaches all over the globe. Pastor Dave first met Pastor G on the streets as they were both ministering to the homeless back in 2010. “Pastor “G” walks in power and authority like no other I have ever seen!” says Pastor Dave. Together, Pastor G and PJ have a profoundly amazing prophetic ministry - one that you should experience first hand.

Board of Directors

  • David Engman – President

  • Abe Zanto – Chairman of the Board

  • Dana Hennen – Vice Chair

  • Don Hansen – Treasurer

  • Ellie Martin – Secretary

  • Aaron Jaeger - Director

Presidents Counsel

  • Pastor George Marin

  • Pete Couper

  • Glenn Myers

Advisory Counsel

  • David Henningson - Attorney

  • David Shabazz - CPA

  • Brian Becker - Insurance

Pastoral Team

  • Pastor David Engman

  • Pastor Jim Rottinger

  • Pastor George Marin

  • Pastor Jill Marin

Leadership Team

  • President/CEO – David Engman – david@breakthroughmn.org

  • Chief Operating Officer – Jim Rottinger – jim@breakthroughmn.org

  • Administrative Assistant to Pastor David - Shevaun Rottinger - shevaunr@breakthroughmn.org

  • Thrive Family Support Director – Pam Lanhart – pam@thrivefamilysupport.org

  • Wild Hearts Adventures Director – Paul Lanhart – paul@wildheartsadventures.org

  • Ministry and Evangelism Director – Marsha King – marshaking2@gmail.com

  • Breakthrough Reach Director – Erik Palmquist – epalmquist3131@gmail.com